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F150 rattle when going uphill

Jul 28, 2016 · I recently returned from a 4,000 mile two-week road trip ( 1165 mobile QSOs, 11 states, 82 counties ), lots of fun. Along the way I noticed the engine in the F-150 ( V8 ) was a bit sluggish on the uphills ( it is uphill all the way from here to North Dakota ). If there are any hills around the dealership, try to maintain the rpm between 2500-3000 going uphill, you'll consistently hear the rattle at it's loudest. I'm not sure how anyone could miss it. The dealership tech with me heard it clearly regardless. Bad vacuum line from iwe to motor

F150 rattle at low rpm F150 rattle at low rpm 04 f150 jerking going uphill I have an '04 f150 5.4l with 65k miles that jerks when going uphill. Transmission seems to shift fine but it has seemed to lose a considerable amount of power recently. Engine Rattling When Accelerating.

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Apr 17, 2011 · Hello and Help! I have taken my car to the dealer twice and cannot seem to get them to help me. When I press the gas to accelerate or go uphill, I hear a rattling sound coming from the front of the car. I know nothing about cars so I am not very good at communicating what is occurring. But this is not right and it is occuring more frequently.
Ford's new F-150 can tow and haul a whole lot, of course, but it also offers buyers luxury options.
Reason I ask, is that I have a rattle, on and off, at low rpms in first gear, mostly when going uphill (may happen other times but exhaust too loud to notice). It is a fairly inconspicuous rattle. Save Share
2017 f150 rattling noise when driving
I have a 2012 FX4 Screw Ecoboost, I get about 20 hwy and 17.5 mixed driving. Pulling the boat or trailer loaded with ATV's and gear is effortless, the engine never seems to run out of torque going uphill and never shifts out of 6th on mild hills. The 420 ft lbs of torque at 2500rpm is extremely helpful.
Ford F150 Half-Ton The Romero Family from Aztec, NM tow their 25ft Toy Hauler with his F150. Cliff from Avondale, AZ tows his 25ft Toy Hauler with his half-ton Ford. Truett from Mesa, AZ tows his 25ft Toy Hauler with his half-ton F150. Dodge Ram 1500 The Jones Family in Mesa, AZ tow their 24ft with their half-ton Dodge.
May 26, 2017 · Hi folks, I am having some issues with my 2007 Cadillac CTS 3.6L, 88K miles. I live at the top of a windy steep hill and noticed that the car losses power, jerks, and now starts to make a loud rattling sound when I am going slow uphill. Its noticeable when I am giving the car light throttle...
Lately my manual 95 Altima has been making a strange rattling/grinding noise when accelerating. It happens when accelerating at a speed too low for the selected gear, e.g. when going up a hill without downshifting. Once in the right gear for the speed, it sounds normal. I've searched but couldn't find anything describing this exact problem.
Out on the highway, however, it runs out of breath. Passing with a trailer requires a good, long runup, and going uphill means putting your foot on the floor just to maintain speed. The truck...
It is important to get this taken care of because all of the extra fuel going into the catalytic converter can cause it to go bad and they are usually fairly expensive. OBD Code P1100, Service Engine Soon. What is code P1100 on a 1995 Chevy S10 pickup with the 4.3L motor? Answer: This code is for the MAF or Mass Airflow Sensor. This is the ...
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2017 Ford F-150 10-Speed Ike Gauntlet. How does the 2017 Ford F-150 do on the Ike Gauntlet extreme towing test with the 2nd-generation 3.5L EcoBoost V6 and the 10-speed automatic transmission? You ...
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Jul 23, 2011 · Jerking/bucking when going uphill Yesterday when driving up hill on a highway at around 50mph the Jeep started to jerk or buck. I gave it more throttle and the engine light started to flashed 2 or 3 times.
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Squeeze the hose shut with a pair of pliers. Have someone start the engine and get the RPM"s up to about 2,000. Now slowly loosen the pliers from the hose so the Seafoam is drawn into the engine. The idea is to keep the RPM’s up, and allow the SeaFoam to enter the engine without stalling it.
Jan 23, 2011 · Stutter when going uphill I am seeking some diagnostic help for an issue I've noticed in my new (to me) D2 S8. In general, it runs quite smooth (smoother than any other car I've owned), but there is a very steep hill right before my house and I've noticed that every time I start going up this hill I feel a slight stutter (not enough to rattle ...

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Aug 23, 2018 · These days, if you want the best towing capacity of any full-size pickup, you go for the F-150 Powerstroke diesel. But if you prefer to stick to gas, your next best option is the Ecoboost V6 lineup. But as many F-150 Online members have discovered, these turbocharged engines run pretty hot as is. Throw on a huge load, and you can even run into ... Nov 13, 2020 · guys, need help got a terrible cracking noise in my levo... it's a base 2021, with many mods done by my LBS got a new motor after 150km (some sensor was broken) now i got this noise coming from the frame, almost impossble to ride without going crazy. i was at my lbs yesterday and they found out... I have a 2004 Ford F150 FX4 and I’ve been having a (hopefully) minor problem for the past 15k miles or so. At normal city driving speed, 45-55 mph, Big Red (that’s her) tends to shudder a bit. Picture yourself driving a 50 mph. Unless you are constantly watching your speedometer (instead of the road), your speed is probably going to drift up and down a bit. No problems noticed when my ... My 2004 ford f150 xlt has a rattiling sound coming from the left front end of the truck. the sound is a tinny rattling sound that only happens when I am going up hill and pressing down on the gas. When I take my foot off the gas the sound stops. The tinny sound has progressivly gotton worse from the start, any ideas? 2 Answers Today 1st day back at work, commute over 20 miles and halfway, again going up a fairly long but not overly steep hill same thing again. I'm not see any smoke and there is no rattles or mad noises coming from the engine itself and still no indication anything wrong other than the loss of power in high gears. Any ideas out there? Thanks in advance. When a group of schoolboys were marooned on an island in 1965, it turned out very differently to William Golding's bestseller, writes Rutger Bregman.I have a '91 rover mini, 998 cc. I'm currently experiencing a misfire when I accelerate or going uphill. This does not typically occur in neutral. Below is everything I have checked . Cleaned carb, checked piston drop Checked fuel lines, all in good condition with no leaks Set valve clearances Replaced distributor cap and rotor Topped off ...

Hello, I have a 96 GMC yukon with 160k miles and I hear a rattling sound whenever I go uphill or accellerate quickly (i.e. getting on to the highway). My 05 Wrangler 4.0 with 51K miles, religious maintenance, has pinged when towing our tent trailer uphill since it was new. Regular is the only fuel...Dec 15, 2019 · The MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for the 2020 F-150, now in showrooms, ranges from $28,495 for an XL to… well, I had some fun and specced out a mean piece of equipment on Ford’s website, a 2020 F-150 Limited SuperCrew Cab (4-door) 4X4 with the EcoBoost High Output Engine, electronic 10-speed automatic transmission, and all ... Nov 22, 2020 · What I mean is the engine is under high, medium and low load when going uphill, on the flat and downhill, while holding an RPM. Increased load is increased risk of knock. Re the clutch I've noticed with the cable clutches the lifter piece can rattle about at a specific rpm, can be felt in pegs and handlebars. Not only do hills test your will-power, fitness, and true grit, there is also the all-important gear changes. Not ideal. In order to avoid this and to nail the uphill gear change, we asked Jim Styrin, qualified British Cycling coach and co-founder of On the Rivet, a luxury cycling retreat in Dorset.In sport mode, I've noticed a slight rattle and ticking sound from engine/transmission when accelerating lightly with paddles. Don't really hear it at highway speeds, more noticeable on quiet roads. Shows up just around 2-3K RPMs under light acceleration blips, especially around 30-40mph in 2-4th gear. When the valves and pistons are not exactly in sync, they can collide. when a engine runs too hot it usually warps the heads & causes the valves to stick causing rattling,& it also gets so hot it spreads oil away from components and spalding or pitting occurs; But , there is really no easy fix, it is...

After about 800 miles in 4 days, lots of driving at highway speeds, right near end of drive I noticed a loss of power. I was at highway speeds.. roughly 70 and hit accelerator to go uphill. BUT no response, I had the pedal to the floor and the car actually lost speed going uphill. Jan 23, 2011 · Stutter when going uphill I am seeking some diagnostic help for an issue I've noticed in my new (to me) D2 S8. In general, it runs quite smooth (smoother than any other car I've owned), but there is a very steep hill right before my house and I've noticed that every time I start going up this hill I feel a slight stutter (not enough to rattle ... Jul 26, 2016 · While going uphill, use the D1, D2, or D3 gears to maintain higher RPMs and give your vehicle more climbing power and speed. ... 2019 Ford F-150 MSRP: $28,155 - $70,560. 2021 Ford Bronco Sport ... All was looking good for the first few thousand miles and in that time I only experienced the rattle on one occasion, as before going up hill on a light throttle. However when I went to France in October I was back on the Supermarket diesel; and you guessed it the rattle returned. Not as bad as previously but certainly there.

USA LInk for Timing Set amzn.to/1tvG22M Canadian link for timing set amzn.to/2wEnuo0 Today we are talking about the engine noise coming from a ford 5.4 3v engine the possibilities are 5.4 3v cracked manifold 5.4 3v chain tensioner 5.4 3v cam phasers, cam phaser knock 5.4 3v timing chain 5.4 3v injector noise 5.4 3v timing issues 5.4 3v vct solenoids You can Support me on Patreon www.patreon ... When you're driving in mountains, use a lower gear to control speeds while going up or down long, steep hills. Don't forget to check your vehicle prior to a mountain trip: brakes, steering, suspension, cooling systems, tires and the level of fluids. Mar 25, 2018 · My 2010 f150 5.4 makes a rattle noise while acceralating between 1400 -1500 rpm on the drivers side front, what is possible cause of this? Mechanic's Assistant: Where exactly do you think the noise is coming from? And how long has this been going on? Since November of 2017. I just passenger side manifold replaced. Jul 29, 2014 · Hi guys, I have an autobahn with DSG transmission, and I've been hearing strange noise during gear changes since day 1. After owned this car for two month, I found a way to reproduce this problem easily - drive slowly in 2nd gear, hold rev to around 1,000 rpm, and climb uphill on a bumpy road - then it can make this horrible noise from the front bottom of the car.

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Today 1st day back at work, commute over 20 miles and halfway, again going up a fairly long but not overly steep hill same thing again. I'm not see any smoke and there is no rattles or mad noises coming from the engine itself and still no indication anything wrong other than the loss of power in high gears. Any ideas out there? Thanks in advance.
My 1997 Ford F150 has been pinging when I accelerate or go up a hill. A couple of months ago it was doing this and my mechanic replaced an O2 sensor, fuel filter and after replacing the barometric pressure switch it stopped. Now for the past few weeks it's doing it again. He replaced my EGR valve on Friday and it's still doing it.
...driving up a hill going about 20-25 mph and about half way up the hill when that occurs at 25-30 mph in 4X2 only, during lugging events especially on uphill Ford Motor Company is not going to stand behind the F150 with this problem. I'm not opposed to getting into another F150 just not one with the 6R80...
Sep 29, 2010 · It wasn't all that long ago when the all-new 2009 Ford F-150 took our Motor Trend Truck of the Year honors. Read on for more on the 2011 Ford F-150 in this first drive article from the Truck and ...

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Dec 03, 2019 · When you factor in that the F-150 appears to be a rear-wheel drive, with only the rear tires spinning in the vid, the 4x4 Cybertruck gains a major edge. All of its 6,000 lbs. of weight is over driven wheels, while the F-150 only has about 2,000 lbs. of weight to generate force with.
First time poster. Our 2014 Ody EX has abt 192k miles on it, and its started to have some kind of groaning noise when starting/accelerating, at low speeds, and going uphill, even at stop lights/stop signs, when im braking it makes that noise and kinda rattles and inches forward a bit.
Loses power uphill, and barely maintains beyond 60MPH Same "rattling" sound when I put on Cruise Control Mentioned it to Dealership mechanic, who suggested Water Pump and Drive Belt, pre-diagnostic.
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Having trouble with your F150 EB? Trying to find answers to a problem? ... Go to page. Go. 92; Next. First 11 of 92 ... 2016 f150 3.5 turbo noise/rattle on ...
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i have a fuel injected 1987 ford f-150 with a 305 windsor v8 and it makes a chattering knocking sound when going uphill then once it changes into a higher gear it stops ,it only does it when the motor is lugging just a bit, iv replaced the U-joints and theres no vaccum leaks or exhaust leaks, it used to.
Nov 01, 2014 · On early model Ford F-150 3.5L Ecoboost trucks, the spark plug gap was 0.035 or greater and reduced to 0.030 in later models. On early model Ford Fusions with 2.0L Ecoboost engine, the spark plug gap was 0.035 and reduced to 0.028 in later models. On all Ford Focus ST models with 2.0L Ecoboost engine, the spark plug gap is 0.035.
Ford's new F-150 can tow and haul a whole lot, of course, but it also offers buyers luxury options.
Oct 18, 2017 · When you choose a Ford Super Duty vehicle, you know that you’re getting the most trusted name in heavy duty pickup trucks. We all know the power and unbeatable control the Ford Super Duty equipped with the 6.7L Power Stroke provides while going uphill, advances in technology have made going downhill just as easy.
2019 F150 STX FX4. 2019 Ford F-150 XL V6 GAS Automatic 10 Speed Crew Cab Pickup Added Oct 2019 • 56 Fuel-ups. Property of chefdoh
We have a 2019 CR-V that has just had its 30,000Km service at the Honda dealership. Since then, we have noticed that upon acceleration – especially going uphill – there is a rattling noise, and the vehicle loses a bit of power in a 'coughing' kind of way.
When the first engines light there is a terrific low frequency rumbling and things start to shake. Then the main engine lights and the rumbling and shaking get even louder. Slowly, slowly you begin to move up and away from the launch pad. But, very quickly you build up speed and the g-load, or the force of...
When I am accelerating up a hill, or turning sharply and the car goes over a bump or some uneven ground, there can be a creaking sound from either side... Go online and buy oem struts with all the dust boots and the top bearing and buy 2 new stab links. Car will ride 100% better and your good for...

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Vrchat protogena week ago my renault megane diesel started rattling noise in engine alternator pully area like some metal part banging with engine but went away when reving now its having the same problem while driving in high gear at low speed or while going uphill. got exhaust and heat shield checked everything is fine. any idea wot it could be.

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